Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cari Spare Part or Tukar Tupperware Rosak

Tutup Modular Mate terkoyak sendiri??
Cap Thirstquake terpatah??
Tutup One Touch hilang??

Jangan risau, berikan tutup yang rosak kepada saya dan saya akan tukarkan yang baru...
Kalau hilang pun saya boleh carikan Spare Part baru untuk anda dengan harga yang cukup murah!!

For details plz YM/email/sms saya ye...

Covered By The Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee

Tupperware products are guaranteed by the Company against cracking, warping, peeling and chipping under normal domestic use.
Not Covered By The Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee

* If products touch the dishwasher element, stove-top burner or even hot metal objects, the heat can melt the product at the point of contact.
** If a product is knocked against or hit by a hard object or drops and breaks as a result, it is not replaceable under the guarantee.

There may be instances where the Company no longer carries parts or products that are brought in for replacement. Under such circumstances the Company will provide alternative parts or products that offer similar functionalities and of similar value to the parts or product brought in. The Company reserves the right to accept and/or to reject alternative product choices proposed by the Consultant and/or customers for a product replacement

Conditions For Alternative Product Warranty Replacement

Where a part is no longer available, all other components or parts that make the product complete must be brought in for replacement, even though these parts are in good condition (seals, base, handle, spout, etc).

The alternative product chosen for warranty replacement should be an item from our regular catalogue at the stated price.

If the alternative product used for warranty replacement is lesser in value, there will be no refunds.

If the alternative product used for warranty replacement is higher in value, the Consultant or customer will be required to pay for the

difference in value. This is called top-up value.

The top-up value for the replaced product will not be included for commissions and bonuses under the Tupperware Business plan

or any other awards.